The purpose of the Dyslexia Handbook is to provide information and guidance for educational professionals, school leaders, families, guardians, and students themselves on the subject of dyslexia. 

The handbook includes: (1) guidelines for teachers and parents or guardians on how to identify signs of dyslexia;(2) a description of educational strategies that have been shown to improve the academic performance of pupils with dyslexia; and (3) a description of resources and services available to pupils with dyslexia, parents or guardians of pupils. 

Furthermore, it is hoped that the handbook will be utilized by schools to design or revise their professional learning, instructional practices, and processes related to effectively serving students with dyslexia and other related disorders. In addition, the handbook addresses the social emotional needs of children and adolescents with dyslexia and those who struggle to learn to read. By educating and empowering all stakeholders with information and resources, the overall intent is to explain dyslexia, strengthen service provision, and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes.

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The Dyslexia Toolkit provides evidence-based assessment and curricular materials focused on learners with dyslexia, those with other specific learning disabilities, as well as students who struggle with reading. The toolkit includes websites, books, videos, podcasts, screeners, training opportunities, and additional reading materials, catering to diverse target audiences.

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