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This session provides an overview of a range of instructional and managerial strategies for use in the classroom. The focus is on high-probability strategies that maximize the probability of student success. Practices will be described and discussed via video examples.

High Probability Strategies for Managing Classrooms: Instructional and Environmental Considerations

By Dr. Terrance Scott

There are many interventions and accommodations that can help support students with dysgraphia and difficulties in written expression. In the first part of this workshop, we will focus on how to support elementary age students.
Topics will include:
  • Subtypes of dysgraphia and tailoring accommodations and interventions to individual student needs
  • Supporting handwriting difficulties, including introduction of assistive technology
  • The importance of explicit language and writing instruction across grade-levels
  • Practical examples of accommodations and goals that can be incorporated into a 504 or IEP plan

Supporting Writing Learning Disabilities, Part 1: Interventions and Accommodations for Elementary School Students with Dysgraphia

By Dr. Jennifer King

This workshop – perfect for school leaders and teachers alike – provides a background on dyslexia as a neurobiologically based reading disorder. We will eliminate misconceptions and focus on the need for early identification and intervention. Participants will know:
  • The underlying causes of dyslexia and its impact on literacy development
  • How to identify students with dyslexia
  • The role of structure literacy in providing effective intervention
  • How to advocate for students with dyslexia

Separating Fact from Fiction

By Dr. Molly Ness

This informative session will provide teacher leaders and administrators with an overview of best practices for co-teaching. The session will also include tips and strategies for developing infrastructure, creating logistics, sustaining a collaborative culture, and supervising co-teaching across 8 domain areas. This virtual presentation will include: videos, practice activities in reflection and growth mindset as well as concrete examples for implementation. This session will emphasize how to meet student's specially designed instruction requirements embedded within the inclusive classroom to accelerate student growth.

Co-Teaching for Administrators

By Sonya Kunkel

Social media, popular press, and political discourse are buzzing about the
Science of Reading (SoR) and its implications for instruction and supports for children across school settings. Additionally, current policy and educational reforms have drawn required attention to address the needs of students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities. In this workshop, Molly Ness, PhD, will unpack the Science of Reading and its application for effective reading instruction and supports for students who struggle to read.

Using SoR and the decades of research on effective reading instruction as a framework, Dr. Ness will:
  • Explain the current research informing the Science of Reading (SoR) and address misconceptions
  • Identify the core skills needed for proficient reading
  • Describe the key markers of dyslexia in children and address myths and misconceptions
  • Discuss the key components of an evidence-based core reading program as well as effective interventions for students who struggle to read

The Science of Reading:
What's the Buzz?

By Dr. Molly Ness

Effective written communication is a critical skill throughout school and in adult life. Unfortunately, dysgraphia is common but not as well studied as other types of learning disabilities and it is often under-identified in schools. In this workshop, Dr. King will provide a foundational understanding of dysgraphia and how to begin to recognize and help students who are struggling with written expression. 
Topics include:
Different definitions of dysgraphia and specific learning disability of written expression, common signs of dysgraphia and what to look for in your students, and the impact of dysgraphia and how to begin to help.

What is Dysgraphia? Understanding Specific Learning Disability in Written Expression

By Dr. Jennifer King

This session will focus on those practices known to maximize the probability of student success in the classroom and beyond. Effective practices will be described, modeled, and discussed in ways to fit a range of settings and application to both academics and behavior.

Effective Instructional Strategies: Maximizing the Probability of Student Success

By Dr. Terrance Scott

Looking for free on-demand professional development before the 2023-2024 school year? The SLD Support Project is offering a ten-part Back to School Series that includes one-hour webinars on various topics related to supporting students with disabilities. These webinars are now available on-demand. One CEU can be earned per webinar. 

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Back to School Professional Learning Series

By the SLD Support Project

Free professional development Illinois
Professional development dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia
Free PDH Illinois

Dr. Molly Ness takes us through the Science of Reading in a 3 hour course that breaks down structured literacy in an easy to understand manner. 3 PD hours given upon completion.

What Administrators Need to Know about the Science of Reading

BY Dr. Molly Ness

We had an amazing virtual conference in June 2023! National speakers presented on topics related to supporting students with specific learning disabilities including elementary - high school literacy strategies, math strategies, writing strategies, and SLD eligibility.

Great news for those of you who wanted to attend, but couldn’t. We have uploaded all of the recorded sessions. Just click on “watch now on-demand” below and register for an account. You will have free access to watch all of the sessions and receive CEUs at your convenience! Enjoy!

The Annual 2023 Illinois SLD Support Project Virtual Conference


In this workshop, teachers and support personnel will learn what dyslexia is and what type of instruction benefits students who struggle with reading. The session will begin by unraveling the construct of dyslexia. To understand what dyslexia is, we will explore what is known about how the brain learns to read and dispel common myths. We will spend the bulk of the day learning about how to improve the reading, writing, and comprehension outcomes of students with dyslexia. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to implement a range of techniques that will put students, with and without dyslexia, on the path to reading. 

Part 1 - Unraveling Dyslexia and Reading Difficulty & Unraveling English Orthography and the History of Reading Instruction 

Part 2 - Unraveling Structured Literacy: Word Recognition & Unraveling Structured Literacy: Language Composition

Unraveling Dyslexia: Guidance for Teachers and Support Personnel to Improve Outcomes of Struggling Readers 

by Dr. Kristin Sayeski

Inclusion can work! However, for inclusion to be successful, special education teachers must bring specially designed instruction (SDI) into the classroom. This session was packed with research-based strategies that enhance student learning and can be implemented immediately. Anne shared inclusive lesson plans, show video clips and provide participants with interactive experiences. 

How to Create and Deliver Specially Designed Instruction for the Inclusive Classroom
Part 1 & 2

by Anne Beninghof

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